Motorcycle Ride Contest

Da Rules!
It is pretty straight forward.
1) Every ride you submit enters you in the drawing...the more rides you submit the better your chances of winning.
2) Rides must meet our minimum standards. Rides that are not worth a damn will be removed from the site and will not count for the contest.

  • Directions must be detailed enough for a US Military member to figure out. (We were so we can kid)
  • At least one place to stop other than a Gas Station should be listed
  • No excessive crusing
  • Click here to see an example of a minimum standards ride.
3) The only other rule is you can only win once in a drawing.

We will award prizes once 100 rides have been submitted to the site. Once 100 rides have been submitted we will randomly draw 10 names. Each of the 10 people will get one of the prizes shown above.  The break down is as follows.

1st Name - Leather Vest
2nd Name - Leather Bag
3rd & 4th Name - Face Mask
5th & 6th Name - Gloves
7th & 8th Name - Wallet
9th & 10th Name - Do-Rag


We Currently have 113 Motorcycle Rides
Only -13 rides need to be submitted before we give away these prizes.