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The Klickatat Circle

Outstanding views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood can be seen at many places along this ride. Views of the the Klickitat River valley are breathtaking as you descend from Gleenwood to Klickitat. You will also see bald eagles and red tailed hawks on this beautiful ride. Plus the turns are super fun too.
In places the road is narrow and there is no center strip or guardrail, ride within your limts and it will be a great ride. As always when riding in the back country watch for wildlife.
Places to stop:
For the adventurous about 6 miles outside of Glenwood towards Klickitat there is a gravel road that will take you to an overlook of the Klickitat Canyon. The road is about 1/2 mile long. Look for the familiar green road sign to point the way.

Also the Spring Creek Hatchery State Park has nice views of the river.
Approx. 100 miles
1. From White Salmon head North on WA 141 to Trout Lake.
2. Turn right onto Trout Lake Gleenwood Road towards Glenwood.
3. In GLenwood take Glenwood Hwy east until you get to WA 142
4. Turn right onto WA 142 towards Klickitat
5. In Klickitat stay on WA 142 to Lyle
6. In Lyle turn right onto WA 14 back to White Salmon

White Salmon, Glenwood, Klickitat, Lyle
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Patrick L on March 27, 2009, 2:43 pm



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The Klickatat Circle