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Touring the Somervell Backroads

This ride is about enjoying some of the best backroads in Somervell County. Everything that is great about riding the hills and valleys is on this route. Riders from all over the state come to Glen Rose just to ride this routes twists and turns. You will ride along Fossil Rim, go through old communities, cross over a spill way just above the creek, and ride along the backside of Dinosaur Valley State Park. Fill up your gas tank, pack a camera, and enjoy the best cross section of Somervell roads your going to find.
This route is backroads; be careful for ruts from semis hauling water on the turns. Also watch for wildlife and farm equipment.
Places to stop:
Places to Eat - Dino Rider, Ranch House B-B-Q

Leather, Bike Stuff - Dino Rider

Points of Interest - Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, Historic Town Square
Approx. 75 miles
1. From the town square got east on Barnard ST
2. Slight right at Van Zandt Rd
3. Turn right at FM 200
5. Turn right at FM 199
6. Turn left at FM 200
7. Turn right at County Road 1237
10. Turn right at FM 56
11. Turn left at County Rd 2007
12. Go straight across Hwy 144 to County Road 2008
13. Turn left at County Road 2009 Highway 2009
14. Turn right at FM 203
15. Turn left at County Road 2012
16. Turn left at County Road 2011
17. Turn right at County Road 2013
18. Turn right at County Road 1006
19. Turn left at FM 51
20. Turn left at FM 205
21. Turn right at Rock Church Hwy
22. Turn right at Bakers Crossing Rd
23. Go across FM 51 to stay on Edwards Rd/ CR 1008
24. County Road 1008 will turn into County Road 1007
25. Turn left to stay on Highway 1007

26. Turn left at FM 56 and follow it back into town
Glen Rose
Submitted by:
zechs on February 7, 2009, 2:32 am



Posted by:P. Locke - 2008 HD FLHPosted on 05/30/2010
Love this ride. Bakers Crossing is nice but sometimes the water is over the road.

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Touring the Somervell Backroads