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Pecos - Whites City, NM - Van Horn

If your a fan of desert or non populated areas this is your ride. Its like stepping back in time riding through the ghost town of Orla and a couple without names along the road.
Watch out for loose livestock as this is still cattle country. If your at a roadside rest stop, watch out for snakes.
Places to stop:
Gaudalupe Mountains National Park at Pine Springs

Any of the remains of towns long lost along the road. Alot don't have "No Tresspassing" signs on them, but be on the look out.
Approx. 200 miles
1. Head north out of Pecos on US-285.
2. Go through Angeles by Red Bluff Lake, and into New Mexico.
3. In Malaga, NM turn west onto Black River Village Rd/ NM-396.
4. At the intersection of NM-396 and US-180/ US-62, turn left to head south to Whites City. At this point you should get gas, because its your last guaranteed chance till Van Horn.
5. Riding south on US-180/ US-62, go through Pine Springs to Tx-54.
6. Turn left onto Tx-54 to Van Horn.
Pecos, Whites City, NM, Van Horn
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on December 21, 2008, 11:33 am



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Pecos - Whites City, NM - Van Horn