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The Three Sisters

The entire route is amazing scenery along ranch roads. The scenery is worth a day ride to see the views. Some of the best views in Texas!
Watch out for cops, cattle guards and sharp turns. This isn't a begginer ride and these are back roads - so watch for gravel and watch the edge of the road.
Places to stop:
There are lots of places to stop and take in great views of true ranch country. This really is some of the best riding in Texas.
Approx. 125 miles
1. Head south out of Kerrville on Tx-16 towards Medina.
2. In Medina, take Ranch Rd-337 west towards Vanderpool.
3. RR-337 Ts into Ranch Rd-187, take a right and then a left back onto 337.
4. When you reach Leakey, turn right onto US-83.
5. Right out of town, turn left onto RR-336.
6. Ride 336 till you T into Tx-41 and take a left.
7. Tx-41 will go to Ranch Rd- 335.
8. Ride RR-335 through Vance into Barksdale.
9. Turn onto Tx-55 to ride south to Camp Woody.

Kerrville and Leakey
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will on April 5, 2009, 3:59 pm



Posted by:TuneSmith - 07 fat boyPosted on 10/18/2009
great ride , better than the devils back bone.

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The Three Sisters