Wise County Toy Run 2008

I met up with a group of friends and went on this ride today.  I was suprised by the number of bikes when we pulled into the starting lot. I was told the count was over 900 bikes.  This is a run that I plan to attend next year and if you are looking for a toy run that is not too big but not too small this is the run for you.  The toy run goes from Decatur to Bridgeport and the people from both towns (and the country side in between) come out to watch the bikes go by and wave. The route winds you through Decatur going through the town square past the beautiful court house. Then it is on to Hwy 370 for a nice quick run to Bridgeport. The route then winds through Bridgeport and ends at Harwood City Park.  At the park they have an auction and drawings for door prizes.  They also have FREE chili!!!!! I was told it was delicous and judging from the line it must have been.  I did not try it because the night before I overindulged in Jack Daniels and thought chili -no matter how good- was not the best idea.

In short it was a well organized, fun ride for a good cause and gave me an excuse to get on my bike and out of the house.....what more could you ask for?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (mybe more in my case).....View a picture gallery of the toy run.

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