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So here's the thing......You just got back from spendin' the day riding the roads. You had a great time you found some of the twistiest turniest backroads around plus you found a cool out of the way hole in the wall greasy spoon that had the best - fill in the blank here- And you want to let people know all about it.  Well you have come to the right place and we want you to tell us all about it so we can go out and try the best -fill in the balnk here- too!!! 

We do have some rules.... I know, I know rules were meant to be broken but these are common sense rules and we ask that you don't break them.

  1. We let you upload pictures of your ride. NO PORN Keep it PG If this gets abused we will take down the feature and others won't get the chance to see what a great ride it was.
  2. Keep the language in the descriptions at the rated R level (a damn here and there is OK but keep the F*%K and others to a minimum) Excessive bad language will get your ride deleted or edited.
  3. Once you put it on our site it is ours. Period end of story you can't have it back, and we can do whatever we want with it.
  4. Please give good directions and descriptions, Things like "fun ride" for the description and "go down HWY 51" for directions will get your ride deleted.  Post the information you would want to read. Include at least one place to stop that is not a Gas Station.
  5. This section of the site is NOT for events of any kind.(Rallies, Poker Runs, etc)
See not bad rules common sense stuff.  Now if you have never posted a ride you may want to watch our tutorial video by clicking here.  It explains how our site works and also shows you how to resize your pictures to work well with our site and how to embed a google map of your ride into our site. Click here to watch the tutorial video.


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