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Motorcycle Laws for WI

Helemt Use: Required by law under age 18, required for instructional permit holders
Eye Protection: (2) (a) No person may operate a motorcycle on any highway without wearing any of the following eye protection: 1. A protective face shield attached to the headgear. 2. Glasses. 3. Goggles. (b) Except for photosensitive corrective glasses prescribed by an
Daytime use of headlight: Required by law-modulating headlight permitted
Muffler: The following state law (347.39) does not exempt motorcycles and does not require a sound meter or the engine running. If you search the following in the Wisconsin Legislature Wisconsin Statues: 347.39 Mufflers. (1) No person
Handelbar Height: Maximum of 30" above seat
Lane Spliting: Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes
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