Welcome to Best Motorcycle Rides

A free, user submitted list of great rides, photos and events from around the country.

Welcome to Best Motorcycle Rides

Toy Runs, Poker Runs, Rallies  As the name says this site is dedicated to bringing you the best motorcycle rides around.  We have expanded our rides and business directory to support national listings. We don't have rides everywhere yet but with your help (by adding rides) we can cover the country quickly.  We don't just have rides either......currently we have a business directory so you can find those ever so important places to eat, drink and have fun while on a ride. We also have a section called "Stories From the Road" this is an area of the site where we will post stories and pictures submitted by you about rides and events you have attended. Make sure you check out the "Runs, Rallies and Events" page for a listing of biker events around the state and the country. Also look at other people's bikes and upload pics of yours in the "Bike Gallery". Very soon we will be adding a product review section - so you know what to buy - and a tech tip section - so you know how to fix stuff.  If you have an idea for the site let us know. You can contact us by clicking here.

A little about us......
This site is not run by some huge company.  It is owned and operated by two guys that love to ride.  Our names are Patrick and Zech. Patrick is lucky enough to have two bikes a 1970 FLH and a 2008 Road King. Zech rides a 1997 Fatboy.  If you see either of us out and about say hello.  We created this site because most of the other ride sites out there did not give very good directions or if they did have good directions they never told you about the cool places along the route.  Although "It's the journey not the destination" is true it is nice to know that there is going to be a place with a cold beer somewhere along the journey. 

Your help!
The site will ALWAYS be 100% free to everyone but in order for us to do that we need your help.  When you stop in a place that was mentioned in one of the rides tell them you heard about them from the Best Motorcycle Rides website.  We also need your help with rides and all the other sections of this site.  You can currently submit rides to be included in our ride list. You can also upload pictures of your bike, a ride you went on or the last rally you attended. You can also add your favorite business to our business directory, or write a story about one of your advanetures.  We do require that you create an account before you can submit anything...it is free and takes just a minute.  The only reason we do this is to keep the spam off the site. We will never sell you email address to anybody, ever, period, end of story. We may from time to time (maybe once a month or less) send out an email to registered users of the site to let you know about a special event or contest.  We know that you are busy people and if you aren't busy you want to be on the road not stuck in front of a computer, so to kind of bribe you we will be having give aways to people that submit stuff to the site check back for more details.

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